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What is Audio Traffic?

The TomTom Audio Traffic service provides personalized audio traffic reports for drivers. These reports can be integrated easily into existing applications or services, completely independent of navigation.

Audio Traffic reports are delivered in a way that is easy for the driver to understand. They are logically organized by grouping similar traffic incidents together, like traffic jams and road closures. These are then delivered based on the driver’s location and destination, in a bulletin-style audio report. Provide greater value to your customers by offering customized, pertinent information within the driver’s chosen in-car applications or services.

With TomTom Audio Traffic, developers of music streaming services, virtual personal assistants and other mobile applications can offer their users personalized and relevant traffic reports directly inside of their favorite applications or services.

TomTom Audio Traffic relies on the famous TomTom Traffic service. TomTom Traffic service is sourced by 550m smartphones, cars, and portable navigation devices that provide GPS data points.

TomTom Audio Traffic is the next generation of radio traffic bulletins. We offer ear-grabbing real-time information that is accurate and customized.

Getting started

  1. Register/Sign in to TomTom Developer Portal.
  2. Request access to Audio Traffic via button "Request Access" below. From there, you can apply for an evaluation key.
  3. Read the API documentation and start coding.

Common use-cases

  • Integrate traffic reports into driver-oriented applications and services.
  • Offer a tailored traffic report after every x songs in your music streaming application.
  • Add tailored traffic reports to your driver companion application.
  • Build a skill that provides on-demand tailored traffic reports.