public protocol TrafficIncidentTapObserver : Observer

Protocol defining the behavior for observers of traffic incident tap events.

Conforming to TrafficIncidentTapObserver allows an object to respond to user interactions with traffic incidents displayed on map.


This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.
  • Invoked when a traffic section, represented by a marker, is tapped by the user.

    This method is called as a response to the user tapping on a specific part of the route that contains a traffic incident. Implementers can use this method to provide detailed information about the incident or to initiate other UI actions in response to the tap event.



    func didTapOnTrafficSection(trafficSection: TrafficSection, marker: Marker)



    The TrafficSection instance that the user interacted with. This represents a specific segment or area of traffic-related concern or incident.


    The Marker instance associated with the trafficSection. This is a visual representation, often a pin or icon, on the map that the user taps.