public enum OffRoadRouteReplannerFactory

Factory for creating an off-road RouteReplanner instance.

Route replanning is used in road navigation to refresh the route and plan a new route when deviation is detected. Deviation occurs when the driver leaves the planned route or when unexpected road closures or traffic incidents occur. In off-road navigation, a GPX file is used to plan the route, but the functionalities for refreshing the route and handling deviation are not supported. If replanning is enabled, the OffRoadRouteReplanner will throw a notSupportedForOffRoadNavigation error.

To create a default off-road Navigation, check the OffRoadTomTomNavigationFactory class.


This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.
  • Creates an instance of RouteReplanner.

    Route replanning is vital for standard navigation, but off-road navigation does not require RouteReplanner. However, to establish a proper navigation configuration, a minimal implementation must be incorporated. If enabled, it throws notSupportedForOffRoadNavigation.



    public static func create() -> RouteReplanner

    Return Value