public enum OffRoadMapMatchingEngineFactory

Factory for creating an off-road MapMatchingEngine instance.

Map-matching is the process of aligning GPS traces with the road network data on a digital map. It involves matching GPS coordinates to the roads on the map and snapping the points to the nearest roadway. For off-road navigation there’s no information on the roads to map-match it on a digital map, instead the raw location of the user is shown on the map.

To create a default off-road Navigation, check the OffRoadTomTomNavigationFactory class.


This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.
  • Creates an instance of MapMatchingEngine.

    This engine handles map-matching for off-road navigation. Unlike traditional navigation, off-road map-matching pairs the raw location to the map.



    public static func create() -> MapMatchingEngine

    Return Value

    An instance of MapMatchingEngine.