public struct LinePattern : Equatable

Line pattern.

  • Creates an instance of LinePattern Set the line pattern properties. By default no pattern is used (i.e. a solid pattern).

       In addition to calling this method one should configure pattern and dash length
       by using dashLength, patternLength. If either
       dash length(s) or pattern length(s) are unspecified the line builder will create lines with
       a solid pattern instead of the specified pattern.
       Pattern length specifies the length of a single repetition of the pattern. Depending
       on the repetition style it can be treated as a minimal length and extended to
       fit a whole number of repetitions to the line. See PatternRepeat for more info.
       Dash length specifies the length of the filled part of the pattern within the repetition.
       The dash is filled with the line color, the rest is filled with the gap color.
       - Parameters:
       - patternType: Pattern type.
       - patternUnit: Units used for pattern and dash lengths.
       - patternRepeat: Pattern repetition style.



    public init(patternType: LinePatternType, patternUnit: LineUnit, patternRepeat: LinePatternRepeat)