public enum OnlineSearchFactory

Factory for accessing the implementations for the Online Search APIs provided via the Search protocol. The Online Search API is a REST wrapper for a suite of web services that allow developers to use our scalable search engine.

  • Creates an instance conforming to the Search protocol.



    public static func create(
        apiKey: String,
        customAPIURL: URL? = nil,
        geopoliticalView: String? = nil
        -> Search



    A valid TomTom API Key.


    Custom base URL for online APIs. Defaults to nil, and “” is the base URL. Can be used to change to another service that implements the same API.


    The country code in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format whose view on disputed areas should be used. If not provided or not supported, the international geopolitical view is used.

    Return Value

    an instance conforming to Search that provides access to Online Search functionality.