public class TomTomDynamicGuidanceEngine : GuidanceEngine

Creates a DynamicGuidanceEngine.

DynamicGuidanceEngine generates dynamic Guidance for the TomTomSDKRoute.Instructions supplied within NavigationSnapshot.activeRoute.

To generate dynamic Guidance, DynamicGuidanceEngine takes various parameters into account. These parameters include, but are not limited to:

  • Distance to the next maneuver.
  • Current speed of the vehicle.
  • Free-flow speed of the road between the current position and the next maneuver.
  • Traffic situation ahead.

So, unlike TomTomGuidanceEngine, DynamicGuidanceEngine does not depend on TomTomSDKRoute.Announcement information that may or may not be included in the TomTomSDKRoute.Instruction. It continuously checks the active route progress to provide up-to-date Guidance information. Once the vehicle reaches an announcement point, the generated Guidance includes the (GuidanceAnnouncement) to be announced.

Another difference between DynamicGuidanceEngine and TomTomGuidanceEngine is that DynamicGuidanceEngine uses TomTom’s advanced verbal instruction messages to synthesize GuidanceAnnouncements dynamically on the fly. Note that the set of supported languages may differ between different GuidanceEngines.

DynamicGuidanceEngine can be used to provide turn-by-turn navigation with any routing client (offline, online with TomTomSDKRoutePlanner.GuidanceOptions.guidanceVersion v1 or v2).

  • Configures object with default values.



    public init()
  • Configures object with the user-defined triggeringConfig instance.


    An error if TriggeringConfig is not valid.


    This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.



    public init(triggeringConfig: TriggeringConfig) throws



    Triggering configuration.