data class AutocompleteSearchOptions(    val query: String,     val language: String,     val limit: Int? = null,     val position: GeoCoordinate? = null,     val radius: Int? = null,     val countryCodes: Set<String>,     val resultTypes: Set<String>)

Contains the parameters to use in an autocomplete search. Use the AutocompleteSearchOptions.Builder to create a new instance of the object.



The search query.


Language in which the autocomplete results should be returned. Must be one of the TomTom-supported IETF language tags. See for more details.


The maximum number of autocomplete results that will be returned.


The position around which results should be biased.


The search radius in meters.


A set of country codes (e.g., FR,ES). This limits the autocomplete results to the specified countries.


Restricts the results to specific segments (e.g., "category", "brand", or "category,brand"). A result is only included if at least one segment is any of the indicated types.

Important: This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.


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fun AutocompleteSearchOptions(    query: String,     language: String,     limit: Int? = null,     position: GeoCoordinate? = null,     radius: Int? = null,     countryCodes: Set<String>,     resultTypes: Set<String>)


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class Builder(query: String, language: String)

Builder used to create an instance of the AutocompleteSearchOptions. Once constructed, the user cannot change the field values.

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object Companion


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val countryCodes: Set<String>
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val language: String
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val limit: Int? = null
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val position: GeoCoordinate? = null
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val query: String
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val radius: Int? = null
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val resultTypes: Set<String>