Package com.tomtom.ivi.platform.vpa.api.service.vpaadaptation

This package contains the VpaAdaptationService interface, which is the service responsible for interfacing directly with a specific VPA (Voice Personal Assistant) engine. This service API is used by the com.tomtom.ivi.platform.vpa.api.service.vpamediator.VpaMediatorService to provide access to multiple VPAs. A VPA provider should implement this service interface to provide an abstraction for the VPA engine.

The TomTom IndiGO platform offers a stock implementation of the VpaAdaptationService for the Alexa Auto VPA.

Note: Alexa Auto is available as part of TomTom IndiGO upon approval by TomTom and Amazon. To request TomTom IndiGO's implementation for Alexa Auto please contact your local sales representative.


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interface VpaAdaptationService

Service responsible to interface directly with a specific VPA engine. This service API should be implemented by a VPA provider.