Package com.tomtom.ivi.platform.framework.api.ipc.iviservice.internal.mirrormap

Internal API of TomTom IndiGO's IPC framework specific to mirroring Map modifications.

Note: The API provided by this package is not guaranteed to be backward compatible. Do not import anything from this package.


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class MirrorableMapListenerForwarder<K, V>(iviInstanceIdProvider: IviInstanceIdProvider, listenersProvider: () -> List<MirrorableMapListener<K, V>>) : MirrorableMapListener<K, V>

Forwards MirrorableMapListener callbacks to each listener provided the listenersProvider.

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class MirroredMap<K, V> : Map<K, V>

Mirrors a MirrorableMap.

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class MirroredMapMutableLiveData<K, V> : MutableLiveData<MirroredMap<K, V>>
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interface MirroredMapObserver

Observes a MirroredMap