A library to handle and simplify usage of the Android media library. It's meant to be a thin layer on top of Android's MediaBrowser to easily retrieve standard Android media content and deal with playback actions.

The Media domain needs to provide facilities for users to browse through audio content coming from third-party sources, select a track/playlist/podcast/etc., and control media playback. This library contains the essential concepts of the media domain.

This library is used by almost all media related TomTom IndiGO modules, both UI and service side. Because of this we tried to keep it light weight: it includes very few dependencies, and is rather small.


The main package of the media library. The library represents the core concepts in the media domain.

An Action is a command which can be sent (or launched) to the current source to be performed. Actions include standard media-related operations, but also operations specific to a single source, such as the action to "like" a track.

Standard Action types are provided to simplify use of media-related operations that the user commonly performs, such as skipping between tracks (SkipForwardAction) or pausing (PauseAction).