Package-level declarations


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class TtInformationControl @JvmOverloads constructor(context: Context, attrs: AttributeSet? = null, defStyleAttr: Int = ID_NULL) : ConstraintLayout

A reusable UI control that can be used for displaying information.

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data class TtInformationControlViewModel(val headImage: ImageDescriptor? = null, val primaryText: StringResolver? = null, val primaryIcon: DrawableResolver? = null, val secondaryText: StringResolver? = null, val secondaryIcon: DrawableResolver? = null, val tertiaryText: StringResolver? = null, val tertiaryIcon: DrawableResolver? = null, val onClick: () -> Unit? = null, val ratingBarValue: Float? = null, val ratingBarMaximumValue: Int = DEFAULT_RATING_BAR_MAXIMUM_VALUE, val ratingBarText: StringResolver? = null, val tailText: StringResolver? = null, val tailIcon: DrawableResolver? = null, val onTailSectionClick: () -> Unit? = null)

The ViewModel used to populate TtInformationControl.


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Binds the given viewModel to a TtInformationControl. If viewModel is null, the contents of TtInformationControl will be cleared.