@IviExperimental(reasons = [])
interface ThemingService

This service manages the current active theme and all the available theme components. The activeTheme contains a collection IviThemeComponents which together defines the look of the product. The IviThemeComponent can be used to change the current IviTheme.


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object Companion


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abstract val activeTheme: IviTheme

The currently active IviTheme. It contains a collection of the active IviThemeComponents. For each IviThemeCategory found in availableThemeComponents one IviThemeComponent is present in activeTheme.

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Contains all the IviThemeComponents which can be used in applyActiveThemeComponent to alter the activeTheme.


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abstract suspend fun applyActiveThemeComponent(themeComponent: IviThemeComponent)

Applies a themeComponent to the activeTheme by replacing the previous IviThemeComponent that is in the same category.

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abstract suspend fun applyActiveThemeComponents(themeComponents: List<IviThemeComponent>)