abstract suspend fun logIn(serviceIdentifier: EmspIdentifier): EvChargingResult

Request to start the authentication process for the specified eMSP. serviceIdentifiers are the keys returned by EvChargingMediatorService.emspInfo. The exact flow of events that form the authentication process is dependent upon the eMSP integration.

Clients can monitor the authentication state by observing emspAuthenticationStatus. For example, if the eMSP requires the end-user to log in to their service by entering their credentials at a particular URI, then after logIn is called, the authentication status (given by emspAuthenticationStatus) can be updated and the URI to load can be provided by the eMSP service in EmspAuthenticationStatus.authenticationInfo.

Clients can only log in to one eMSP at a time.

In case of a failure, failure reason is provided as FailureReason.

See also EvChargingService.