@IviExperimental(reasons = [])
class CompactProcessControlViewModel(val buttonViewModel: TtButtonViewModel = TtButtonViewModel(), val isFixedWidth: Boolean = false, val priority: Int = 0) : VisibilityProvider, Prioritizable

A ViewModel that contains the information required to display a button in CompactProcessViewModel as part of the CompactProcessViewModel.primaryControlsViewModel or CompactProcessViewModel.secondaryControlsViewModel list of buttons.

The ViewModel also provides control over the button width, whether by wrapping the button content or having a fixed width assigned.



The ViewModel that will be associated to the displayed button.


When true, the minimum width of the button is locked to the dimension specified by the ttivi_processpanel_button_width attribute. When false, the minimum width is adapted to the button's contents.


The priority of the control. The higher the value, the more important. The importance determines the precedence in visibility. That is, when space is limited the more important controls are visible and less important controls are hidden. Default value is 0.


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constructor(buttonViewModel: TtButtonViewModel = TtButtonViewModel(), isFixedWidth: Boolean = false, priority: Int = 0)


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val buttonViewModel: TtButtonViewModel
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val isFixedWidth: Boolean = false
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open override val isVisible: Boolean
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open override val priority: Int = 0