abstract suspend fun unholdCall(callId: CallId)

Activates a call with the specified callId which is currently on hold. Allowing the end-user to resume the call. If there is a second call which is active, this call will be put on hold, effectively swapping the calls.

If the call is in the CallState.HOLDING state it will be changed to the CallState.ACTIVE state. If the call is not in the CallState.HOLDING this method has no effect.

Any state change will be reflected through updates to the currentCalls property.

If no call exists with the specified callId this method has no effect.

Whether a call can be take out of hold is reflected in Call.capabilities by CallCapability.HOLD.

If there is already a second call which is in the CallState.ACTIVE, this call will be set to CallState.HOLDING.



ID of one of the calls from the currentCalls property.