class BindingViewFactory<B : ViewDataBinding>(inflateFunction: (LayoutInflater) -> B, bindDataFunction: (B) -> Unit) : SystemUiHost.ViewFactory

A factory for a data-bound main view to be shown within the system UI which that takes care of common tasks around inflation and binding a lifecycle owner.

If the binding accepts a panelContainerContext property of type PanelContainerContext, a value will automatically be assigned to it. If the binding doesn't have such a property or has to bind additional data, bindDataFunction can be used to do so.



A function that will inflate a view given a layout inflater, a container view, and whether the view should be attached to the container upon inflation. Matches the signature of a generated data binding class's inflate.


A function that will be called after view inflation, and can be used to bind data to the view. Pending bindings left after this function is called will be immediately executed.


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constructor(inflateFunction: (LayoutInflater) -> B, bindDataFunction: (B) -> Unit)


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open override fun bindData(lifecycleOwner: LifecycleOwner, panelContainerContext: PanelContainerContext)

Binds a view that was previously inflated with inflate to its data, observed by the given LifecycleOwner. The provided panelContainerContext can be used for binding panels to PanelContainers.

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open override fun inflate(inflater: LayoutInflater): View

Inflates the view using the given inflater. The view will should not be attached to the container, but will be attached by the system UI.