Wraps an IviDataSource to keep track of its active IviPagingSources to be able to invalidate them when markAsUnavailable is called.


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constructor(wrapped: IviDataSource<E, Q>)

Inherited properties

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open override val jumpingSupported: Boolean

true if this IviDataSource supports jumping, false otherwise.

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open override val keyReuseSupported: Boolean

true if IviPagingSource created by createPagingSource or createPagingSourceFlow expects to re-use keys to load distinct pages without a call to invalidate, false otherwise. See PagingSource.keyReuseSupported for details.


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open override fun createPagingSource(query: Q, lifecycleOwner: LifecycleOwner): IviPagingSource<E>

Creates an IviPagingSource for the given query. The page source is invalidated when the given lifecycleOwner is destroyed.

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open override fun createPagingSourceFlow(query: Q): Flow<IviPagingSource<E>>

Same as createPagingSource except that this variant returns a Flow. The benefit of this variant is that it does not require a LifecycleOwner as we can use the Flow cancellation to invalidate the IviPagingSource. This variant is ideal for creating a Flow/LiveData transformation.

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