Package-level declarations

The com.tomtom.ivi.platform.contacts.api.common.model package contains useful base classes that should be used when working on features provided by the contacts service.

Core contacts library

This library contains useful helper classes used with the contacts service interface. It can be used for implementing a custom contacts service or in a frontend using the contacts service.

The Contact, PhoneNumber, and Address classes define the data belonging to a Contact used in the contacts service. The Contact class contains both list of PhoneNumber and Address.

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  • ContactsService


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data class Address(val address: String, val type: AddressType) : Parcelable

Represents an address of a Contact.

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sealed class AddressType : Parcelable

The type of a Contact's address. customType is empty by default and can be used for Custom address types.

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A contact source that is used when a contact originates from a paired Bluetooth device.

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data class Contact(val displayName: String, val initials: String = "", val givenName: String = "", val familyName: String = "", val companyName: String, val phoneNumbers: List<PhoneNumber>, val defaultPhoneNumberIndex: Int, val addresses: List<Address>, val defaultAddressIndex: Int, val source: ContactSource? = null, val favorite: Boolean, val image: ImageSource? = null, val primarySortKey: String, val alternativeSortKey: String) : Parcelable

Encapsulates an address book contact.

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abstract class ContactSource : Parcelable

Base type used to represent a source from which a contact originates. This is used to describe contacts which have been synchronized from a device or service.