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abstract override val iviInstanceId: IviInstanceId

The IVI service provider provides IVI service API instances for this IviInstanceId.

Inherited functions

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abstract fun <T : IviServiceConnectionManager<C, LP>, C : IviServiceConnection<P, PO>, P : Any, PO : IviServicePropertiesObserver, LP : Any> getConnectionManager(connectionInterfaceClass: KClass<C>, propertiesClass: KClass<P>, propertiesObserverInterfaceClass: KClass<PO>, liveDataPropertiesClass: KClass<LP>, serviceId: IviServiceId): T?

Obtains the service connection manager for a service ID and a connection manager type.

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abstract fun getServiceIdsByConnectionInterface(connectionInterfaceClass: KClass<*>): List<IviServiceId>

Returns a list of service IDs that are registered for the given connectionInterfaceClass.