A rule that responds to the activity being launched or relaunched with a new Intent by opening or closing TaskPanels, if the Intent is associated with a Frontend. Depending on the state and behavior of available Frontends, this rule behaves in the following manner:

Note that this rule does not close other Frontends' TaskPanels after calling Frontend.openTaskPanels. Enforcing only a single TaskPanel stack can be independently configured, for example through SingleTaskPanelStackFrontendCoordinationRule.



A function that allows the rule to get a Frontend (creating it if it doesn't exist yet) based on the re-launch Intent. May return null if no Frontend is associated with the Intent.


constructor(getOrCreateFrontend: (Intent) -> Frontend?)


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open override fun activate(lifecycleOwner: LifecycleOwner, iviServiceProvider: IviInstanceBoundIviServiceProvider, frontends: LiveData<out Collection<Frontend>>)

Actives the rule within the scope of the given lifecycleOwner.