A rule that ensures ExpandedProcessPanels are closed when a system UI menu item is clicked.

This allows the user to navigate to other Panels without them being overlapped by an ExpandedProcessPanel. Even when using CloseExpandedProcessPanelsOnTaskPanelChangeFrontendCoordinationRule, this rule is valuable because not all menu item clicks lead to TaskPanels changing. E.g., if the HomePanel is overlapped by an ExpandedProcessPanel, this rule allows the user to see the HomePanel again by pressing the menu item of the Frontend containing the HomePanel.

The rule is only concerned with system UI menu item clicks as it is expected that clicks on any other menu items will result in a TaskPanel change.


Inherited functions

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open override fun activate(lifecycleOwner: LifecycleOwner, iviServiceProvider: IviInstanceBoundIviServiceProvider, frontends: LiveData<out Collection<Frontend>>)

Actives the rule within the scope of the given lifecycleOwner.