Service responsible for providing recent calls.

The recent calls are a list of phone calls that the device or connected devices have received or made recently. They can include missed calls, recently dialed outgoing calls or incoming calls, amongst other types.

The actual recent calls entries can come from different sources including the connected devices such as Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone(s).

Information from this service can be used by clients to, for example, populate the UI of a phone application on the IVI system to show the user's missed calls to allow the user to call the caller back.


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object Companion


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Indicates the synchronization status between the IVI system and sources of recent calls information. It either indicates that there is no device connected or that it is synchronizing (there is no done state because synchronization is a continuous process).

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Data set of recent calls from sources where RecentCallsDataSourceElement is the data structure containing details about the RecentCall. Synced from all sources of recent calls information. This can include Bluetooth-connected mobile phones. Recent calls can be queried using RecentCallsDataSourceQuery.