@IviExperimental(reasons = [])
open class BrowserAction<T>(val id: String, val arguments: Bundle? = null, val resultConverter: (Bundle?) -> BrowserActionResult.Success<T>)

A browsing action which can be sent (or launched) to the current media source client so it can be performed.

The difference between BrowserAction and Action is defined mainly by the media source implementation. Browser actions are sent by calling the SourceClient.coLaunchBrowserAction method. And are usually related to modification (not playback) of the content. For example, following or unfollowing an entire media collection or downloading an item for offline playback is a BrowserAction.



Type of the optional data returned by BrowserActionResult.Success.


The ID of this action. Unique for the media source it refers to. Must not be blank.


Optional arguments for this action. Specific to the given id.


Converter function to parse the Bundle returned by the source in case of successful result into the typed value.

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constructor(id: String, arguments: Bundle? = null, resultConverter: (Bundle?) -> BrowserActionResult.Success<T>)


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val arguments: Bundle? = null
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val id: String
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