data class VpaProperties(    val vpaIdentifier: VpaIdentifier,     val supportedLocales: List<Locale>,     val supportedLocaleCombinations: List<LocaleCombination>? = null,     val supportedCountries: List<String>) : Parcelable

Holds information about immutable properties of a VPA, such as its name or the list of languages it supports.


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fun VpaProperties(    vpaIdentifier: VpaIdentifier,     supportedLocales: List<Locale>,     supportedLocaleCombinations: List<LocaleCombination>? = null,     supportedCountries: List<String>)


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val supportedCountries: List<String>

A list of countries that this VPA can support (provided in ISO_3166-1_alpha-3 format). This can be useful in the case when, for example, the VPA can only be used when the vehicle is located in a supported country.

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val supportedLocaleCombinations: List<LocaleCombination>? = null

A List of all the locale combinations supported by this VPA or null if all combinations of the supportedLocales are supported.

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val supportedLocales: List<Locale>

A List of Locales that this VPA can support.

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val vpaIdentifier: VpaIdentifier

The identifier of the VPA being used. This property is used to uniquely identify this VPA when accessing VpaMediatorService properties and calling VpaMediatorService methods. It should not be displayed to end users as it is not localized.

Inherited functions

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abstract fun describeContents(): Int
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abstract fun writeToParcel(p0: Parcel, p1: Int)