Package com.tomtom.ivi.platform.theming.api.common.attributes


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data class IviThemeCategory(val id: String, val label: StringResolver) : Parcelable

The IviThemeCategory describes which aspect of a theme a IviThemeComponent applies to. For example, a theme component may have a IviThemeCategory indicating that the component themes font attributes.

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data class IviThemeComponent(    val id: String,     val themeCategory: IviThemeCategory,     @StyleRes val resId: Int,     val label: StringResolver) : Parcelable

Contains all the information related to theming a IviThemeCategory.

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enum TtiviThemeCategoryPreset : Enum<TtiviThemeCategoryPreset>

An overview of IviThemeCategorys provided by the platform. In order to use the platform, each IviThemeCategory needs to be registered at least once by the theming service.


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val themeComponentsPresetIds: Map<String, String>

Contains the overview of the default IviThemeComponents configuration. This overview creates a bridge between the discoverable theme components service. Here we create the IviThemeComponent with the corresponding identifier. And the theming service where we collect all the IviThemeComponent from the various discoverable services. In this case we need to create an initial theme that consists of the IviThemeComponents. An IviThemeComponent is considered as the default component if its matches the value of the corresponding entry in themeComponentsPresetIds.