Package com.tomtom.ivi.platform.telecom.api.common.debug

Contains the classes DebugConnectionService and DebugConnectionServiceHolder which provide a debug connection service to mock communications (outgoing and incoming calls). These classes are used in the DebugTelecomFacade, a class that simulates incoming and outgoing calls.

The TelecomSetupHelper class provides functionality to test the app without running it as system app and it is only meant for development purposes.


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class DebugConnectionService : ConnectionService, LifecycleOwner

A debug connection service to mock communication (outgoing and incoming calls). This service behaves like a standard ConnectionService to mock communication from the phone.

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class DebugTelecomFacade(context: Context)

Helper class to simulate incoming and outgoing calls. It is also able to change current call's state. Simulated calls can be created after registering a debug phone account in the system.

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class TelecomSetupHelper(application: Application)

Telecom related setup helper.