Package com.tomtom.ivi.platform.systemui.api.common.systemuihost.subcontainerlayout


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abstract class PanelSubContainerHolder(val root: ViewGroup)

A representation of a sub-container layout for panel or panels of PanelContainerControllers. PanelContainerControllers should subclass this to require views to render panel or panels.

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interface PanelSubContainerManager<P : Any, S : PanelSubContainerState, H : PanelSubContainerHolder>

An interface to manage a sub-container views. New sub-container view or views wrapped into PanelSubContainerHolder.

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abstract class PanelSubContainerState

Represents the state of a sub-containers of PanelContainerController used in the system UI. It allows controllers to restore sub-containers after the controllers have been recreated.