open class PanelSubContainerViewModel<SD>

Base class for all PanelSubContainerViewModel implementations.



The type of the panel sub-container data. The data is derived from the panel container data.


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fun PanelSubContainerViewModel()


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val extraState: LiveData<Unit>

Observers are notified of any changes to properties that use a property delegate created with mutableExtraState.

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val liveSubContainerData: LiveData<SD>

The data provided to the panel sub-container as LiveData. The LiveData is not updated any longer when the exit animation of the panel sub-container starts. This to prevent visual artifacts during the exit animation.

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var subContainerData: SD

The data set to the panel sub-container.

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The lifecycle state of the panel sub-container. This is controlled by the PanelContainerControllerAdapter.


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open override fun toString(): String