Package com.tomtom.ivi.platform.framework.api.product.activity

Contains the IviActivity and the related IviActivityViewModel classes.


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abstract class BaseActivity : AppCompatActivity

A base activity that provides certain basic functionality, like being fullscreen and having a lifecycle. This class should not have dependencies on other IVI-related components. This activity simply allows extending IVI-related activity to be free from clutter.

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class CompositeUiScalingStrategy(uiScalingStrategies: UiScalingStrategy) : UiScalingStrategy

A composition of UI scaling strategies. When getUiScalingFactor is invoked, it will return the value of the first strategy in uiScalingStrategies that returns a non-null value.

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abstract class IviActivity : BaseActivity

The base activity for the IVI system. Hooks up the activity-related interaction to the rest of the system, which is necessary for the system UI. Should be extended by the product to configure it, based on customer needs.

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fun interface UiScalingStrategy

A strategy that provides a factor to scale the UI with.