From:  `class func withMainBundle() -> TTConfig!`
To:  `class func withMainBundle() -> TTConfig`
From:  `+ (TTConfig *)configWithMainBundle;`
To:  `+ (TTConfig *_Nonnull)configWithMainBundle;`
From:  `/*not inherited*/ init!(file bundle: Bundle!, plist name: String!)`
To:  `/*not inherited*/ init(file bundle: Bundle, plist name: String)`
From:  `+ (TTConfig *)configWithFile:(NSBundle *)bundle plist:(NSString *)name;`
To:  `+ (TTConfig *_Nonnull)configWithFile:(NSBundle *_Nonnull)bundle plist:(NSString *_Nonnull)name;`
From:  `- (NSString *)valueForKey:(NSString *)key;`
To:  `- (NSString *_Nonnull)valueForKey:(NSString *_Nonnull)key;`
From:  `func value(forKey key: String!) -> String!`
To:  `func value(forKey key: String) -> String`
From:  `@protocol TTCoordinatesData <NSObject>  /**   Returns every coordinate of packed inside of NSValue   @return coordinatesData NSArray<NSValue *> *  */ - (NSArray<NSValue *> *)coordinatesData;  /**  Returns number of coordinates in data   @return coordinatesCount NSUInteger  */ - (NSUInteger)coordinatesCount;  @end`
To:  `@protocol TTCoordinatesData <NSObject>`
From:  `- (NSString*) toRFC3339;`
To:  `- (NSString *)toRFC3339;`
From:  `+ (NSDate *) dateWithRFC3339String:(NSString *)string;`
To:  `+ (NSDate *)dateWithRFC3339String:(NSString *)string;`
From:  `@interface NSDate(Extra)  + (NSDate *) dateWithRFC3339String:(NSString *)string;  - (NSString *)toDateWithFormat:(NSString *)string; - (NSString*) toRFC3339;  @end`
To:  `@interface NSDate (Extra)`