Last edit: 2022.11.07

This page contains important announcements about new Android features, fixes, or breaking changes shared in advance with our developer community. For the latest changes make sure to check the Release notes page.

Announcing breaking changes: October 31, 2022


What is changing?

  • Move ChargingInformation class to com.tomtom.sdk.common.ev package.
  • Change packages: com.tomtom.sdk.featuretoggle -> com.tomtom.sdk.common.featuretoggle.
  • Renamed packages in maps-display, common, route, and location modules.
  • Renamed API classes in common and location modules.


What is changing?

  • In previous SDKs, the NdsStore's methods addRegionGraphListener and removeRegionGraphListener were accepting lambdas and then functional interfaces (SAM) could be passed to it. With the future SDK, that will change and a RegionGraphListener must be implemented and passed in. There is also a difference in behavior. Previously, any changes to the state of the nodes in the graph would have triggered an onRegionGraphChanged notification. To increase the usability of the API, we will separate the notifications that impact the structure of the graph (new structure of the nodes) from those that notify about changes in the state of the node.


What is changing?

  • Convert AlternativeType from enum to value class.
  • Convert SectionType from enum to value class.
  • Convert ExtendedSections from enum to value class.
  • Convert AvoidType from enum to value class.
  • Convert Windingness from enum to value class.
  • Convert Hilliness from enum to value class.
  • Convert ProgressPoints from enum to value class.
  • Convert ComputeTravelTimeFor from enum to value class.
  • Convert ConsiderTraffic enum to value class.
  • Replace TravelModeSection by VehicleRestrictedSection.
  • Remove TravelMode (enum) from Section and add VehicleType (value class) to Vehicle instead.
  • Rename RoutingApi to RoutePlanner.
  • Rename OnlineRoutingApi to OnlineRoutePlanner.
  • Rename OnboardRoutingApi to OfflineRoutePlanner.
  • Rename HybridRoutingApi to HybridRoutePlanner.
  • Rename com.tomtom.routing.onboard to com.tomtom.routing.offline.
  • Rename com.tomtom.routing.api to com.tomtom.routing.

Minor change

  • Add field routeCreationTimeInMillis to Route

What is changing?

  • Remove routeCreationTime from NavigationSnapshot (move to Route).
  • Move InstructionPhase to com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.
  • Remove AnnouncementManeuver and rename Instruction.isPossibleToCombineWithNext.
  • Rename the GuidanceEngineFactory method create to createStaticGuidanceEngine and update and enrich documentation for GuidanceEngineFactory.
  • Handle GuidanceEngine AUTO units option based on current country.
  • Convert AnnouncementPoints from enum to value class.
  • Remove com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.AnnouncementGenerator from public API.
  • Remove announcementGenerators from com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.GuidanceEngineOptions.